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A vision movie is a 1-5 minute video clip that you can always carry with you wherever you go on your cell-phone, ipod, computer or on the net. Its purpose is to achieve certain goals in your life. It’s your own movie done with you and only for you. Whenever you watch it you’ll get to watch your dreams, thoughts and ambitions as if they have already come true, which will fill your heart with joy and self confidence as you walk towards your goals. A video clip of such length can create a reality, and watching it will be an exciting experience for you every time you watch it.
“Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines” (Brian Tracy).
The video clip enables your mind to pick up on visual information and internalize it, therefore you’re going to have to watch it at least once a day in order to deliver the message to your brain so that your subconscious receives and assimilates it, in order to direct your actions, state of mind and achievements accordingly.

Every time you watch the video you’re going to feel as if your dreams are becoming a reality.

The vision movie consists of:
[li]Pleasant music that you choose[/li]
[li]Pictures of your dreams[/li]
[li]Positive statements towards yourselves[/li]

The movie will help you to:
[li]Feel grateful[/li]
[li]Make you focus on your dreams[/li]
[li]Make you happier and give you a boost whenever you need it[/li]
[li]Fill you up with powerful beliefs[/li]

Take one step forward and together we’re going to write a script to the most meaningful movie in your life.

The first step on the way to creating a vision movie is answering a short questionnaire in order to find out what your vision is and what you’d like to accomplish in your life. The second stage: there is no second stage. We are going to create your own vision movie that is going to work on your subconscious and within a short period of time you will receive a link to the most important video clip of your life.

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Vision Movie Sample #1: Finencial Independence

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Vision Movie Sample #2: Relationship

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[li]Great Job, fast delivery was abled to deliver exactly what I wanted ~ steffenp, Germany
[li]Perfect, thank you! Super quick delivery and excellent quality! ~ m.power on line, United States[/li]


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Personal inspiring vision movie:

650 USD

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